Photo credit: KAYHAN Jafar- Shaghaghi

Photo credit: KAYHAN Jafar- Shaghaghi

The London Alumni Club relies on a motivated, creative and committed group of volunteers to develop a wide-ranging programme of social and networking events for our fellow alumni in the London area. Below is information on the current committee, a breakdown of duties and a copy of the constitution by which the Club operates.

If you would like to get involved with the Club, you don’t need to wait until an AGM – get in touch with us today!


The Committee of the London Alumni Club is made up of up to 14 people, a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and a maximum of 10 Committee Members – whose remit can vary depending on expertise and Club activities. Following the June 2017 AGM, the committee for the next year is:

Philippa Brackfield (Co-Chair)
Jassel Majevada (Co-Chair)

Calum Hawley (Vice-Chair)
Robert Fett (Treasurer)
Sophie Kendrick (Secretary)

David Patterson (Committee Member)
Emma Derham (Committee Member)
Spencer Summers (Committee Member)
Matthew Coleman (Committee Member)
Ben Reilly (Committee Member)
Daniel Goldblatt (Committee Member)
Matthew Maginn (Committee Member)
Nadya Papalyugova (Committee Member)
Elizabeth Stone (Committee Member)
Laura Palosuo (Committee Member)

Committee Roles

Photo credit: Oli Walker

Photo credit: Oli Walker

In 2012 the Executive Committee agreed a new division of roles for the running of the University of St Andrews Alumni Club London.

  1. Chair
  • Be the main figurehead and face of the Club in promotional materials, emails and at events (e.g. introducing speakers and chairing events/meetings)
    • Act as the principal point of contact between the USAACL and the University of St Andrews through the Development Office and the Principal’s Office
    • Generate ideas/sponsorship for USAACL events
    • Have overall financial responsibility jointly with the Treasurer for the Club’s finances
    • Take lead in organising some USAACL events (e.g. annual Alumni Carol Service)
  1. Vice-Chair
  • Act as the Chairman’s Deputy in all of the above except financial responsibility
    • Take lead in organising some USAACL events (e.g. finding speaker(s) and venue)
  1. Secretary
  • Manage the USAACL email account.
    • Act as the main point of contact with the Alumni Officer in the University Development Office who answers membership queries, registers new members and keeps the database up to date.
    • Convene and take notes at USAACL Committee meetings, and circulate to members
    • Maintain an accurate list of all USAACL Committee members
  1. Treasurer
  • Be designated as Treasurer on the USAACL HSBC Bank Account and have overall responsibility jointly with the Chairman for the Club’s finances
    • Manage the USAACL HSBC Bank Account through online banking, including paying all invoices within the due date
    • Manage the USAACL PayPal Account, including setting up ‘buttons’ for events to be placed on Club website, and transferring funds from PayPal into Bank Account after events and when new life members join
    • Maintain accurate records of all USAACL income and expenditure and produce annual accounts
    • Work with University Development Office to ensure that all members (except life members) registered on the database are paying the correct standing orders. Work with the Secretary and Membership Manager to chase up all those who are not.
    • Assist Committee Members in producing accurate budgets/reports for all USAACL events

5. Committee Member (x 10)

  • Take lead in organising some USAACL events (e.g. finding speaker(s) and venue)
    • Promote USAACL membership and events within own St Andrews networks, especially on social media
    • Generate ideas for new events, content for newsletters, and attend/help out at Club events


Below is the constitution of the London Alumni Club, as of 2012. This constitution is currently under review following the 2017 AGM (download the constitution as PDF)

Commencement and interpretation

1 (1) This constitution shall come into force upon being ratified by a majority of members attending an annual general meeting of the University of St Andrews Alumni Club, London.

1 (2) In this constitution:

  • “the association” means the University of St Andrews Alumni Club, London;
  • “the Constitution” means this instrument;
  • “Members” means members of the association;
  • “the University” means the University of St Andrews; and;
  • the masculine shall include the feminine and the singular the plural, unless the context otherwise requires.

The association

2 (1) There shall be an association which shall be styled “University of St Andrews Alumni Club, London”.

2 (2) The objects of the association shall be to:

(a) further the reputation and aims of the University;

(b) provide a forum for graduates of the University living in and around the London area.


3 (1) The association shall be open to all former students and staff of the University upon application to the membership secretary and upon payment of the fee demanded under article 4.

3 (2) There shall be two classes of member, namely “ordinary member” and “life member”.

3 (3) An ordinary member shall be entitled to membership expiring on the 31st October next following his application for membership.

3 (4) A life member shall be entitled to membership for the duration of his life.

3 (5) All members shall have equal status and voting rights within the association.

3 (6) A member may resign upon giving notice to the membership secretary.

3 (7) A member shall cease to be a member if his subscription is in arrears by 3 or more months.


4 The following shall be the fees: £10.00 per annum for ordinary members and £100.00 payment for life members. Provided that no amendment to the rate of fee shall affect the status of any member or the fee payable by him until the expiry of the period for which he is a member.


5 (1) The committee may arrange meetings and functions of the association from time to time.

5 (2) The committee shall call an annual general meeting not later than fifteen months after the preceding annual general meeting.

5 (3) Notice of the annual general meeting shall be given in writing to all members not less than 21 days (calculated inclusively from the date of posting of such notice) before such meeting.

5 (4) An annual general meeting shall not be constituted unless at the appointed time for such meeting 5 or more members shall be present.

5 (5) Resolutions at an annual general meeting other than resolutions to change the constitution shall be passed by the majority of those voting.

5 (6) Resolutions at an annual general meeting to change the constitution shall not be passed unless voted for by not less than two thirds of persons attending an annual general meeting.


6 (1) There shall be a committee of members which shall comprise:

  • the Chair;
  • the Secretary;
  • the Treasurer;
  • the Membership Secretary;
  • the New Members’ Representative;
  • such other members as shall from time to time be determined.

6 (2) Each committee member shall be elected at the annual general meeting.

6 (3) Each committee member other than the new members’ representative shall be elected by a majority of those voting in favour of him.

6 (4) Candidates for election other than the new members’ representative shall be nominated at the annual general meeting.

6 (5) Subject to paragraphs (9) and (10) below, each committee member shall hold office until the annual general meeting next following his election.

6 (6) The new members’ representative shall be elected by members who have graduated not earlier than 18 months before the date of election.

6 (7) The election of a new members’ representative shall take place at a reception for new members called by the committee in the autumn of each year, or at such other time or manner as the committee shall determine at which candidates for the post of new members’ representative may be nominated.

6 (8) The new members’ representative shall hold office for one year from his election and thereafter as an ordinary member until the next following annual general meeting.

6 (9) Members of committee:

(a) may resign by giving written notice of resignation to the secretary or chair;

(b) shall vacate office on insanity, death or, in the reasonable opinion of the committee, on failure to participate in the management of the association.

6 (10) In the event of a member of committee resigning or vacating office in accordance with paragraph (9) above during his elected term of office the committee may appoint a person to replace that committee member until the annual general meeting next following such appointment.


7 (1) The treasurer shall keep the accounts of the association.

(2) The treasurer shall present an income and expenditure account and a capital account to the annual general meeting.

Membership records

8 The records of membership shall be kept by the membership secretary whose list thereof shall be definitive proof of membership for all purposes of the association.

Photo credit: Oli Walker

Photo: Oli Walker

Winding up

9 (1) The association may be wound up:

(a) upon a majority of members attending an annual general meeting voting in favour thereof; or

(b) at the instance of a majority of committee members in the event that three annual general meetings properly called not less than two months apart, are not attended by such number of persons as constitutes a quorum.

9 (2) In the event of winding up any surplus funds shall be applied to the University of St Andrews.